Who Says Beards Are Over? Facts You Should Know!

I’ve had the pleasure to read Mashable’s Post by an author named David Yi. It was written and published back in June but I read it just know. The main theme of his post was that “Beards are Over”. Well, I think that they are far from dead and are even getting more hype w.r.t time.

David has quoted a couple of Instagram and Beards Pioneers Joel Alexander and Luke Ditella

Here’s Joel uploading his Image of having a thick, perfect looking Beard on Instagram yesterday.

A photo posted by Joel Alexander (@hahajoel) on

  And here is Luke uploading this last image having beard a week ago.  

A photo posted by Luke Ditella (@lukeditella) on

Okay now tell me if these guys are thinking that Beards are over and dead, why are they still uploading their images having awesome long beards?

With the above statement, some might not agree as they can post and delete images of them as they please. But here are some facts that I wanna share with you guys and also bring into David Yi’s information.

Google Trend Word Wide Screenshot for the topic of “Beard” and it’s interest over time.

Beards Interest over time 2015 2016

and United States at the 4th place still in the regional interest graph.

Regional Interest Beards Topic USA

So dude, stay put, get you favorite haircuts and grow your beards when you still can. Here are some Long Hairstyles with Beards that you’d love.