Pompadour Hairstyle for Men – Modern and Pompadour Fade

Guide to the Pompadour Hairstyle for Men – Modern and Pompadour Fade: What is it? The Popeye? No! The Pompadour! As tenacious as it sounds, Pompadour is what that is walking on the roads above the heads. The neoteric hot trend of men’s hairstyle has been launched in a magnum opus way with many celebrities, hipsters, tycoons promoting in their very own way. Not only it gives you the sturdy look, but also makes you desirable across the street. A rugged beard with this and women will go gaga for you. But, how exactly is this pompadour defined and named?

You might be wondering, why would one name a hairstyle, so knotty when it can be given a simpler name. Here comes the story! The Pompadour is originally titled after Madame de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV. It might confuse you that how a men’s hairstyle is named after a female? The Pompadour is actually a female haircut until a rock god made it famous by adapting it. Until the 18th century, it enjoyed a lot of popularity and was even renamed as Gibson Girl style in early 1900’s. After Elvis Presley, the world started drooling over pompadour. Elvis Presley wore it in early 1950 and the trend took a start from then.

Pompadour Hairstyle for Men – Different Types


By the looks of it, Pompadour is usually worn with two short side cuts and the middle hair either swept backwards or upwards, based on the face cut. However, with time passing and more experimenting, there emerged various ways of the pompadour style based on lifestyle, occasion, styling; making the face statuesque. There are actual, three types of pompadour that are seen among men. First, the antique classic look,the second one is the extremely modern look and the third one that has been trending lately is the Fade Pompadour.

  • The Classic Pompadour: If you’re businessmen looking for a refined look, then you should go for this. It’s more or less like the one Harvey Specter of Suits is famous with. It may not exactly give you the outlook of a greek god, but it does make you equally sexy. The longer hair swept to sidewards, will soften the thespian effect and enhances your short beard. To make it restricted as classic itself, you should not clip the upper hair higher than the crown. If you’re a person with chubby cheeks or a round face, this style is a big NO for you. It only goes well with long faces. Turns out that celebrities with this hair style come out to be salacious for example say, James Franco, Josh Hartnett, Bruno Mars without even trying.


James Franco Pompadour

Bruno Mars Pompadour

  • The Modern Pompadour: Pompadour has been followed as a classic until recently people started experimenting with it to bring variations. Hair stylists started exploring to make it more innovative and to establish new versions. The back hair and the side hair gets trimmed to grade one and the middle hair is swept angular-ly upwards. If you want to go bolder than this, you can even ask your hairstyle to shave up to the crown. This look is not purely pompadour, but an amalgamation of undercut and the classic. Unlike the classic, it also suits people who have round face cuts and in a way, detracts the width of the face by making it look less wide. What makes it even popular is David Beckham wearing it. There are other celebrities like Zac Efron, Justin Bieber who are well-known for this hairstyle.

Justin Bieber Pompadour

Zac Efron Pompadour

  • Fade Pompadour: Pompadour Fade is nothing but extremely modified version of Modern Pompadour with Skin Fade. A skin fade is where the side and back of the head goes bald, almost displaying your skin. In a Pompadour fade, your hair gets long towards the middle and is swept upwards along the topside. The fade can be done in many styles like undercut, slick back, ducktail; based on the length of the hair.
    • Requirements: To have a Pompadour fade, one should be gutty enough to have a side burn even. The sides should be cut with a 1/2 clipper setting and the middle hair should be kept as long as possible to give the flat look when combed back. A 4 length hair goes good with this hairstyle, giving the antique look along with the retrospection.
    • Styling: Fade Pompadour is the most expensive pompadour style when compared with others. It requires a high-level maintenance and constant styling. The styling procedure usually consist of 6-7 steps done, consecutively:
      • Dry your hair with towel after cleaning.
      • Using a pomade that can hold water, slick the side hair.
      • Get a blow dryer, adjusted to the adequate heat.
      • Using a round brush, push the hair upward and downward by rolling it through the entire hair.
      • The hair should be pointed at a 60-degree-upward angle when brushed.
      • Finish the outlook by applying a hairspray to make it rigid. (The hairspray must be applied at a 10 inch distance).

How to fade Pompadour Bald fade Pompadour Slick Fade Pompadour David Beckham Pompadour

The other types of Pompadour that are formed by slightly modulating the swaying of middle hair are:

  • Disconnected top Pompadour

Disconnected Top Pompadour

  • Psychobilly Pompadour


  • Rockabilly Pompadour

David Beckham Rockabilly

  • Side parted Pompadour

Justin Timberlake Pompadour

  • Ducktail Pompadour

Ducktail Pompadour

  • Tight Taper Pompadour

Tight Taper Pompadour

How to have any type of Pompadour Haircut:

As a thumb rule, before deciding that you will go for a Pompadour, you might have to consider few tips:

  1. Avoid franchises.

  2. Check for a barber with good online reviews.

  3. Consider someone with a website or an Instagram account.

When approaching him for a pompadour, be it classic or modern, specify the length of each side. Ask him if it goes well with your face cut. Most of the times, the sides and the back will be short and the middle hair depends on your preference. After being done with the pompadour, go for a pomade that helps you in keeping the hair static. You can choose Woody’s Pomade if you have thin hair and Murray’s Pomade; if you have thick hair.

Make sure that you use a blower and dryer after every wash in order to stick to the style and use appropriate hair spray. The only thing you should be aware of before going for this hairstyle is that is is of high maintenance and might require styling, very often. Everything being done and said, if you haven’t got this already done, go get one! Check out these concupiscent photographs and imagine how lustful you would be looking.