Cool Beard Styles for Men 2016 – Top Trends and Types

Cool Beard Styles for Men 2016 – Top Beard Trends and Types:  Even before starting off with the beard swag, I have a little story to tell you.  I have an Uncle, whom I used to adore in my childhood. Hipster, he may appear; he knows a lot about life. I always noticed him stroking the beard in perplexed times like reading the book, watching tv et. al. I never understood this. If he finds the beard so itchy, then what is the point of keeping it anyway? Sometimes, I used to wonder and sometimes, I used to imitate him by stroking my hairless chin.

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Had to admit, it used to be fun. One day, he observed me doing that and came to me asking, “What are you even doing?”. Nonchalantly, I replied, “I want to grow a beard”. I don’t know how it came and why it came,  but there has been an unexplanatory covet  for beard since I was a kid. Research studies have also lately proved that women usually prefer men with beards (Be it rugged or large) than the ones that are clean shaved. From my perspective, a guy with a beard is more attractive, naturally. Here’s why I usually urge to grow a beard:

  1. Beard is a natural protection: During the winter months, beard acts like one of those knitted beanies. Not only do they act like a warm and cozy beanie, but also gives you the manly look, in addition. A beanie, however, is good only for the top and nobody has ever tried to manufacture one for the chin. As a cherry on the top, a beanie with the beard gives you the badass anarchical look in this vortex polar winter.
  2. Beard gives you the intimidating outlook: It may sound stupid at the first look, but beard actually gives you this kickass appearance. Irrespective of your height being 5.5” or 6.5”, the beard makes you look old and young. Lumberjack, you can even call yourself. The best part about it is that your girl will obviously become salacious for you.
  3. Beard Scritches: What are scritches? It’s a male grooming activity. As weird as it sounds, the male population greet each other by scratching the beard over a duration of either seconds or minutes based on the intimacy of their bond.
  4. Beard makes you healthier: Did you even read it correctly? Yes, you did. Dirt usually gets caught in your skin pores when you’re clean shaven. This might even give you acne or pimples. Worst part? God knows how much you have to spend on all those cosmetics, medications and moisturizes. On the other hand, if you have a beard, all the skin underneath it is naturally distant from any kind of irritating.
  5. Beard gives you the ‘cool dude’ tag: With the fiercely acclaimed facial hair, you will get fist bumps and high fives, wherever you go. Women starts throwing themselves at you and other guys get jealous of you naturally. It almost becomes a competition among your mates, that who has got a better and sexier beard. You will become the man and beard becomes your one true love.

Just as William Shakespeare said,

“He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man.”

Cool Beard Styles for Men 2016 – Top Trends

Salt and Pepper Beard Style

  • Salt and Pepper Beard: Trending as the top most beard style of the year, Salt and Pepper beard has this prurient look about it. The best part of this beard is that it goes well with the grey hair, even. Sweeping the hair sidewards with a fade pompadour, and keeping the length of the facial hair about 2-2.5 inches. This beard style will make your desirable even in your forties-sixties.  A flair combination of black and white hair is how you’re gonna rock the world.

Wilderness Beard Style

  • Wilderness Beard: Ever heard of the movie, “Into the Wild?”.  If yes, I’m not exactly talking about the beard, he grows. But yeah, matching the lumberjack and hipster personality he has got, this style of beard will make you even more aberrant. Walking on the roads with this beard will create an aura around you that people actually finds you queer enough that they might end up taking an utmost interest in you.

Ice cool Beard Style

  • Ice cool Beard: This beard makes you extremely enticing. If you have thin hair and a subtle chin like going with this, gel your hair and comb it back. Make sure that the facial hair of your’s come out as thorns of a plant, sharp and angular. If you’re a person with long face cut and slick chin line, you’re going to be a total badass in this. Posing with a cigar for your Facebook profile picture will get you tons of likes than you can even imagine.

Silver Fox Beard Style

  • Silver Fox Beard: By the name itself, you might have gotten how this beard looks like. Ever worried that you can’t grow the beard because you turned out all grey? In that case, this beard is especially for you! Grey hair is more emanating than the black, brown or blonde hair. When it turns grey and styled in a ravishing way, you will find teenagers having elderly-crushes on you and drooling over you.  Wrinkled face along with a neatly tailored suit, and you are an A class gentleman strolling on the streets with this frondeur look.

Rugged Soul Beard

  • Rugged Soul Beard: In the contemporary world, we come across people worrying that the beard isn’t growing faster. Especially, the kids who have just hit puberty and who are very anxious about getting girls. For them, this style is the perfect match. As little hair as they get, they can actually rug it in a renegade way and match it along with long hair forming a ducktail across the face slanting sidewards.  However, one should be careful while maintaining this beard. Being overexcited or accelerating the styling will create a bad impact on the face, ruining it altogether.

Modern Patchwork Beard

  • Modern Patchwork Beard: Sometimes, the beard that is growing seems to be too irregular and disconnected. You will find yourself, creepy and non-synchronized that you can’t connect it in an orderly way when compared with other beard styles. This exactly is when this beard style comes to your rescue. Especially, if you’re a person with curly hair, keep it long and wispy. On the run, it will make you look extremely artsy and like a beautifully carved masterpiece. However, I personally recommend you; not to keep your short hair with this cut. The longer it is, the more hot-messy look you get.

Mans Bestfriend Beard

  • Man’s best friend Beard: You mean, the doggy style? Ain’t it a sex position? Do dogs grow beards? Well, well. Don’t be so  astonished by the name. Nothing makes a man, masculine than a fully grown beard. By full, I mean full. From all the sides, covering the lips and the chin entirely. Grown in a pure and dense form. This beard, when matched with a slicked suave haircut and then styled backwards after furnishing it with a gel, you will be the man for every man, woman, animal. Basically, man for everything under the sun. Wondering, how it looks like! Google for Tom Hardy beard images. 

Wear Wolf Beard

  • Wear wolf Beard: As the name suggest, this type of beard is usually untamed. You can always use a trimmer or a comb to make it up to the point. However, it looks equally appealing even without those and gives you a total wild style.  This style is prominent across the globe and goes with any kind of face cut. In order to grow it, make sure that you give it, a proper time in the first stage. After making sure that it has grown enough, keep the hair higher along the cheeks and make it shorter along the sides of the chin.  Don’t get too bold that you might end up looking like a homeless guy across the road.

Bun and the Beard

  • Bun and the Beard: Man Buns? Really, you might wonder. If you’re thinking that they are feminine, you must first grow a clear vision about them.  To start, you can try downloading Harry Style’s man bun pictures. The guy will prove you how authentic and desirable, the buns actually are.  Combining them with beards are like putting peanut butter and Nutella together. Or Chocolate with Jam. The basic point is that they look awesome together! 90% of people who go for this style are musicians, especially Guitarists.

Edgy Beard

  • Edgy Beard: Is there a superlative for the word “Badass”? If there is, this beard should be defined with that word in the list of Beard Styles. Are you a fan of Tattoos? Love to get inked? This beard goes just right with the tattoos, be it of any kind.  The best example of this beard being practiced is the much hyped, Jared Leto. Wondering how to grow it? Get spiritual. Don’t care how it grows. Don’t use the mirror for months. After two or three, edge it using a trimmer. Win a couple of Golden Globe awards. TADA! You just became Jared Leto’s Doppelganger.  

Biker Beard

  • Biker Beard: The total travelling -hipster look is majorly defined by this beard. A Royal Enfield or a Harley Davidson along will make you a man from the Mars, literally. Wondering how to grow it? Just fucking grow it. Keep growing it. Have a moustache? grow it till there. Have side locks? grow till they become invisible. Have a double chin? grow it entirely. Have a neck? grow it there, even. Grow it. grow it till you can take it. Grow it till people “ewww” you. Grow it till someone seriously yells, to have a shave.

Moustache and Chin

  • Moustache and Chin Beard:  To grow this beard, all you need to have is long moustache hair that goes equally well with the chin hair. You might also need a bit of cheek hair which is extensive to get the look. People who have thin hair can get the maximum out of this beard style making it look more explicit, altogether. The major benefit of this beard style is that it won’t itch you much and the maintenance is relatively low.

Beard Mask

  • Beard Mask: The name itself, evidently tells you how this beard style will look like. Beard Mask is usually preferable for people with round faces where the chin lines are not much notorious and visible. While you might wonder, if it is advisable for round faces to have beards, this beard style will just make you realize how good you can possible look, elevating your features and machismo. As mentioned above, it acts as a natural protection and blanket for the face. You can often find it acting as a store, that hides few of your food items and which can be eaten in your free times when you find them 😉

Country Beard

  • Country Beard: Bring the country boy inside you that has been hidden by the metropolitan habits. All you have to do is have a nice hairdo, keeping it short and clean and have a 2-inch long facial hair growing along with. Only, the hair has to be really thick in order to give you the rough look, you might be wanting. Wearing right type of clothes with it, clothes that are regionally specific, will even allow you to promote your own country’s style. This type of beard style is often seen in ramp walks or fashion shows, where people display variations in the approach.

Hey Girl Beard

  • Hey Girl Beard: You might be wondering, what exactly this beard is! Well, well. Even we don’t know. This is the type of beard only Ryan Gosling can grow. If you think you can give it a try, you actually can. With very less amount of facial hair, this beard gives you the charming look along with spectacles.  Not only can you pull off the nerdy trait, with a proper hairdo, but you can actually project the decent image with an ease.

5'o clock Beard

  • Classic 5 O’Clock Shadow Beard: Surprise! Guess who’s famous for this beard style? The latest, sassiest, sexiest, most sarcastic, Superhero in the history of superheroes. Already got who? Yes, you’re right. Mr. Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds, who nailed the character of Deadpool is not only charming but also intensely alluring with this outstanding beard style.  Using an electric shaver, set the level to one before the “Clean shave” level. Each morning, repeat this procedure and you will be married to a Blake Lively-level woman, in no time. Any hair style will go with this beard and hence you don’t have to stress about it, much.

Goatee Beard Style

  • Goatee Than Beard tee: Goatee styles have been quite popular throughout the years starting from 2005. Around 2010, this beard style even became the top most beard style in practice, globally. In this beard style, the chin hair usually is shaped out to be pointed from the men’s chin. As it resembles the chin of the goat, it is named as a Goatee style. How to follow this style? To do this, first you have to grow the goatee long. And then shave the sides of the face until you can clearly see the goatee coming out in a fierce way. If you want, you can have a 1 inch hair along the sides to make it look authentic.

Pity the fool Beard

  • Pity the Fool Beard: Ever worried you have a bald head and that you can’t grow a beard? That growing a beard will make you look stupid and funny? If yes, then you need to know about this beard style. This style is specified for people who are bald or who shave bald.  As controversial as it sounds, the name actually depicts the outlook after you grow this beard. It’s like you’re showing pity on the fools who think that you can’t grow a beard. First, go bald. And then grow the sideburns and mix them along to form a giant beard. Make sure the chin area is little longer than the rest. Add metal chains for the thug look.

Now, that we have almost covered all the types of Beards, you can even come up with your own beard style by futzing around with the size, shape and length of your hair. The first thing you need to notice is the shape of your face cut and the chin line and check if the beard style will suit them or not. Here are five extremely important tips that help you in growing a jaded beard, with a slight styling:

1. Don’t restrict your facial hair. Let it grow wild.

2. While growing the hair, make sure that you prioritize your skin first. Any kind of rashes or other wounds while growing beard will eventually destroy the beard, too.

3. Use moisturizers. Don’t let the beard grow dry. It will damage the outlook.

4. While growing it, you will have the urge to itch the skin very often. Fight it as much as you can.

5. After being sure that you have grown the hair to adequate length, shape it; by approaching a good beard stylist.

Choose the beard style that suits you most among the list of Cool Beard Styles and get going! Happy Beard-ing! If you have any other styles that are well known, comment them in the section so that we can add them to the list.