The Buzz Cut Reborn Hairstyle

Ryan Reynold’s lattest hairstyle with high fade on the sides and a bit of more hair on the top has gotten a good amount of attention from everyone. Its a perfect haircut to style right in between the buzz cut and the top knot i suppose. But, it doesn’t have that much amount of hair on the top as compared to the top knot and also not so conservative as the traditional buzz cut. Well, we call it the Buzz Cut Reborn Hairstyle. Our Folks at the GQ Magazine has stated and called it as the Gentlemanly Buzzcut. They also have a proper to the point explanation of the Buzz Cut Reborn Hairstyle and how to get it done by your barber.

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Buzz Cut Reborn Hairstyle

Ryan Reynold new hairstyle 2015-2016

New ryan haircut


Images Credits: FashionBeans, NBC.